Technicals[edit | edit source]

FOLLOWS Paradigm Shift
DIRECTORS [ACME] Chase Devineaux; [V.I.L.E.] Vic the Slick
DETAILS Auld Lang Syne is the fifth official Site-Wide RPG on TECS.

Overview[edit | edit source]

This RPG took place one year after Pardigm Shift, but is more widely known to continue after Hiatus. It skips almost all of 2012, and begins somewhere in December 2012 with V.I.L.E. rebuilding a new headquarters at an undisclosed abandoned theater. On December 12, 2012, ACME has its first annual "Winter Ceremony" that commemorates the year's successes and also provides the first "Hard Hat" Press Preview of the new Accolade Tower .

Cast of Characters[edit | edit source]

Player Characters[edit | edit source]

(In order of appearance)

  1. Vic the Slick
  2. Kid Kidman
  3. Joe Kerr
  4. Sarah Nade
  5. Flag
  6. Chase Devineaux
  7. Contessa
  8. Lee Jordan
  9. Daniel Ainsworth
  10. Constance Kitlyn
  11. Rose Thorn
  12. Gunnar Svensson
  13. Eugene Grovington
  14. Ivy Monaghan
  15. Nevon Blair
  16. Bran ap Brychan
  17. Eleanor Mayhem
  18. Deric Storm
  19. Calina Corranos
  20. Acton Roux
  21. Sophie Conrad
  22. Patty Larceny
  23. Suhara Nakamura
  24. Mikal Darsha
  25. Nace Bilby
  26. Gudrun Nygård

Non-Playable Characters[edit | edit source]

  1. Barbara Rosen
  2. Gunther Metzger
  3. Walter Taut [Architect]
  4. Macy Gartner [Reporter]
  5. Alfie N. Barber [Tweed]
  6. Melana E. Lancaster
  7. Randall L. Charlton [Mercenary]
  8. Dionisio A. Genovesi [Hampster]
  9. Olga L. Glebovi [Mercenary]
  10. Karnak [Mercenary]
  11. Umnaj Worawut [Mercenary]
  12. Meiru Basra [Captain, Head of the MAMBA - Ultramarine]
  13. Dr. Gasand [MAMBA crew - Ultramarine]
  14. Captain Vause [MAMBA crew - Ultramarine]
  15. Co-Pilot Mbasha [MAMBA crew - Ultramarine]

Plot[edit | edit source]

Carmen Sandiego, at the start of this RP, has been missing for approximately one year. The main storyline revolves around uncovering her reasons.

Conclusion[edit | edit source]

Auld Lang Syne concludes with ACME's resolve to initiate a Direct Action against the Hostiles behind December 12's attack, and V.I.L.E.'s resolve to go find their leader.

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